Isak Strand vs. TOE has made a journey version 2.0 into the swedish music
scenes big halls. They’ve played and played and played. At the same time
they’ve been active in building a beautiful relationship to their fans through
social media and streaming platforms. This has led to the nickname Sweden’s
most famous infamous band. A journey that continues in downwind.

Isak Strand vs. TOE is just one of those bands that you can’t put your finger
on what their influences are. You could spot sounds from reggae, jazz, pop
and hip-hop. They are travelling in known waters, but the mix they do of
genres, take the groove of one style, melodies from another and pulse from
the third. That sound is unique.

In the summer of 2011 some new ideas started to form for the album “Theory
of Everything”. The band decided to flee their sweaty basement studio in the
city and rent a big house out in the woods.

-”When the songs started to take shape, the idea of asking Sweden’s
number one soul icon, Magnus Tingsek, to produce the album was born. This
combination turned out brilliant. Tingsek’s feel for dynamics, his vocals and
his groove added pure magic to the songs.

In February 2013 they are released their album ”Theory of Everything” which
recieved good reviews. They were also nominated for “Breakthrough of the Year”
by Gaffa.