Mama Said

Intro: Em7, D, Em7, D
Vers: Em7, D, B7, C7
Refr: Cm7, G, D7, A

My mama said search for the truth and you’ll find what you’re after
My mama said money and things means nothing in the end
My mama said you can do whatever you want to
My mama said and since mama said I’m gonna be all right

They say knowledge is power and power is money
And I’ve been feeling rather poor lately honey
And this love thing’s got the best of me and nothing’s where it’s suppose to be
This love thing’s got the best of me oh yeah


It’s four in the morning and that’s my time a day
When there’s no one left to call and nothing more to say
And maybe I should get some sleep but there’s nothing I can do to keep
From trying to figure out what this love thing is all about


Alright alright Ok alright oh oh oh oh oh